Alterations in the Biochemical Parameters of the African Catfish C. Gariepinus by Sublethal Concentrations of λ-Cyhalothrin

by Oluah NS & Chineke AC

...evaluat(es) the effect of chronic exposure to λ-cyhalothrin on...cholesterol, glycogen, glucose and protein in the freshwater catfish...sublethal concentrations...hyper-cholesterolemia with concomitant hypoglycemia and hypoprotenemia are indications of stress due to λ-cyhalothrin exposure.

Effect of Land Use Conversion on Soil Carbon Storage in a Tropical Grassland

by Sreekanth NP et al.

...biodiversity hot spot...SOC concentration changed...with land use disturbance and varied in the order: native grassland(S1) > acacia(S2) > cardamom(S3) > open scrub (S4) > pine(S5) > tea(S6) > rubber(S7) > homestead(S8)...

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