Impacts of Aluminium, Molybdenum, Vanadium, Zirconium, Tungsten and Gallium on the Growth and Enzyme Production of Ascomycetous and Basidiomycetous Fungi

by Kluczek-Turpeinen B et al.

Metals may influence fungi, which have a key role in global carbon recycling...organisms for bioremediation...growth and production of oxidative enzymes of three basidiomycetous and two ascomycetous fungi...growth of both the ascomycetes Alternaria sp. and Fusarium sp., was sensitive to all six metals (Al, Mo, V, Zr, W, Ga).

Bioremediation of Oil Spills: A Review of Challenges for Research Advancement

by Macaulay BM & Rees D

[The] need for reliable and efficient oil spill clean-up techniques is inevitable. Bioremedi-ation...challenges include resistance of asphalthenes to biodegradation, [slow] polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon in the field, poor bioavailability of spilled petroleum, inefficien[t] biodegradation…and failure of successful laboratory studies in the field.

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